The house was passed on through the generations and Asa Upham, great-grandson of Phineas Upham lived his life there and died on August 20, 1869. He was the last Upham to spend his entire life in the house.

For sixteen years after the death of Asa Upham the house was unoccupied and fell into disrepair (between 1872-1888). Then the daughters Orne Upham who were then the owners of the house , decided to repair it. After the repairs the house was used by the Orne Upham family. After the death of Orne Upham his widow and daughters continued to live in the house in the summer, and in 1903, the eldest daughter was married in the house. Between 1907-19 13 the house remained vacant and in 19 13 it was purchased by the Melrose Historical·Society. The Melrose Historical Society began to restore the house in 1914. A complete restoration took place at this time and was finished in 1915.

After the 1915 Restoration

Before the 1915 Restoration

Since 1940, the house has been owned and maintained by The Upham Family Society. The Upham Society membership are lineal descendants of John Upham and their spouses. The Society meets regularly twice a year at the house. Today the house is open

to the public by appointment.